Potash Mining in Arizona’s Holbrook Basin – Ground-Floor Opportunity, Sky-High Potential in the Real AZ Corridor

Global demand for potash continues to increase. Projects now in development in northeastern Arizona’s Holbrook Basin are expect to produce up to 2.5 billion tons of potash over a period which could last three generations. One project alone is expected to produce 2.5 million tons a year for a minimum of 26 years.

Three global companies have interests in more than 225,000 acres of potash-rich land in the Real AZ CorridorPassport Potash and Prospect Global (American West Potash) both have active development programs underway and have released Preliminary Economic Assessments (PEAs) which document potash’s huge potential in the Corridor. Details are available on the potash gateway website.  ENTER GATEWAY SITE HERE.

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